The PANDAS/PANS Prairie Support Group started in 2014 with a handful of isolated parents who desperately needed help for their children. Today, our private Facebook group for parents has expanded to more than 400 members.  

As the group expanded, we saw the need for more awareness and training, and for some common ground where parents and doctors could come together to learn and grow so we began planning for our May 2019 conference.

Our goal is always to provide the very best, evidence-based research and advice available, so our conference included world-renowned PANS experts and researchers.


Pediatric Acute-onset Neuropsychiatric Syndrome (PANS) is an autoimmune disorder affecting the brain, causing obsessive-compulsive behavior, tics, and other psychological symptoms. Its rapid onset is caused by an infection.

PANS is estimated to affect 1/200 children, but it’s rarely recognized and treated. If parents and doctors do not understand the cause of the child’s symptoms then treatments may be given that are ineffective or even harmful.

How can we make sure every PANS child in Canada gets the treatment they need? Awareness, education, and professional training.

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